Friday March 16th hot and humid

With 16 people: We picked roccolla, tomatoes, papaya, beans and micro-greens. We did a lot of clearing up – raking up grass cut yesterday, picking up leaves near the entrance etc We weeded a bed in Le Jardin. We cleared two beds in the Seed Garden. We cleaned up a new terrace that has just

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Wednesday March 14th hot and humid

With 24 people: We picked roccolla, beans, micro greens, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. We transplanted bassella spinach seedlings on a bed in Le Jardin. We finished digging up all the sweet potatoes on a bed in Le Jardin. We composted and mulched a bed in Le Jardin. We composted a bed in New Horizons. We

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Tuesday March 13th Hazy and warm

With 20 people: We picked tomatoes, papaya and micro greens. We dug up turmeric and then replanted a few of them to grow again next year. We tidied up a very messy corner of irrigation pipes and overgrown grass. We weeded a basil bed in the Pryog garden. We cut grass in the Pryog garden.

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