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Wednesday December 11th warm and sunny

With 15 people: We picked lettuce, rocket,, bassella spinach and micro greens. We watered some recently planted rocket and lettuce seedlings in the Pryog garden. We took out male papaya trees in the irrigated orchard of Le Jardin and replanted with new seedlings. We had four people working very hard in the nursery planting out

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Tuesday December 10th warm and sunny

With 13 people: We harvested micro greens. We took out most of the male papaya trees (they can be identified by the flowers) as they don’t produce any fruit and there were rather a lot of them. We replanted with new seedlings in the Pryog garden and demonstration orchard.  Unfortunately we won’t know whether these

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Monday December 9th hot sun

With 13 people: We Picked bassella spinach, amaranth spinach, brinjal, ladies finger, long beans and micro greens We planted a bed in the Pryog garden with rucolla seedlings. We prepared a bed in the Souryan garden. We weeded a chilli bed in the Pryog garden