Monthly Archives: February 2023

Monday February 27th sunny and hot

With 20 people: We picked the last of the lettuce, roccolla, beans, cherry tomatoes, country tomatoes, ramphal (a sack full!), microgreens and sprouts. We continued to clear up the area where the new nursery soil works are going to go. This involved pruning more off the tree, taking out all the thorn roots and quite

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Saturday February 25th sunny and warmer

With 23 people: We picked roccolla, cherry tomatoes, country tomatoes, kumquat, microgreens and sprouts. We continued working in the New Horizon vegetable garden clearing and mulching beds. We continued clearing the new area near the Seed garden by pruning a tree that was overhanging part of the area. We cleared up in the Garden of

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Thursday February 23rd sunny and warmer

With 15 people: We picked roccolla, lettuce, country tomatoes, microgreens and sprouts. We finished clearing the bed in the New Horizon vegetable garden that we started yesterday and started a new one. We continued checking the irrigation system in the Prayog orchard. We continued clearing up the area we are going to use for soil

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