The accommodation we have is basic and shared as follows:


vol acc dormitory


Situated behind the kitchen, in the dormitory there are five beds.  There is solar lighting in this room.  Some people like the camaraderie of the dormitory and anyone who wants to stay in the dormitory for the whole of their stay in Buddha Garden is welcome to do so. Or you can wait (normally only a few days) until a other shared accommodation becomes free.


vol acc new light cottage vol acc new light cottage 2

This cottage is set away from the centre of Buddha Garden in an area that we call Shambala.  Four people stay in one large central room where there are four beds.  There is an attached bathroom and a small sitting area.  It has its own independent solar system for lights and charging.  All the windows are netted to keep out the mosquitoes.


There are three cabins, two of which have been built in the last year.  Each cabin has space for two people and has its own storage place for clothes etc.  Each has minimal solar lighting which is not very reliable at the moment so this is something that we will change as soon as we have the finances to do so.  In the meantime you need to make sure that you bring a good torch with you.


vol acc cashew house vol acc inside cashew house


vol acc plumaria house

Like Plumaria house this cabin was built last year and is very similar.

vol acc aldebaran star

We built this ourselves, with the help of volunteers, about four years ago.

Please note: during the busy guest season from December to March all the accommodation is under intense pressure. Especially when volunteers find that their travel plans do not go quite as expected and they come either earlier or later than booked.   If you come during this time you will need to be flexible and to understand that all spaces, are shared.  If necessary we open another dormitory which is generally used as a meeting room.  If you stay here you will have to clear your things up every time there is a meeting which usually once in two weeks.  Despite this some people really love this space and stay there despite the disruption!

At other times of the year things are much less pressured and you get to choose where you stay, quite often on your own.