APRIL 2015

Wednesday April 1st   WEATHER; hot and humid.   VOLUNTEERS; Vera, Veda, Sammy, Spiros, Ree, Josh, Elumalai, Sudo, Emalie with Rajan, Pierre and Priya   WORK COMPLETED   We picked basil and beans. We took some topsoil off one of the beds in the Souryan garden. This was a heavy job but we did it

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MARCH 2015

DAILY DIARY MARCH 2015   Monday March 2nd WEATHER; the cool season has definitely finished after a hot weekend and a morning that was hot and humid. VOLUNTEERS; Arul, Katie, Chris, Misam, Sammy, Otavio, Thibeaud, Manon, Casey, Isabelle, Patrik, Gabriel, Lucas, Leonard, Brian, Vera, Rafaela, Athithan with Rajan, Pierre and Priya WORK COMPLETED We picked

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DAILY DIARY FEBRUARY 2015   Monday February 2nd WEATHER; a bit of a grey start but soon sunny and cool. VOLUNTEERS; Azza, Arul, Gabriel, Ilan, Jules, Jurriaan, Eloise, Daniel, Caroline, Ben, Isabelle, Thomas, Ayala,   with Priya and Pierre. WORK COMPLETED We picked lots of lettuce. We cleared, composted and planted a bed in the Pryog

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