Friday April 21st very hot

With 6 people: We picked quite a lot of bassella spinach with brinjal and a few beans. We weeded and mulched a maize bed in the Souryan garden. We watered fruit trees in New Horizon and the cashew orchard. We also put a coconut fibre mat around the bottom of the trees for extra mulch. 

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Thursday April 20th hot with a bit of breeze

With 7 people: We finished mulching the trees in the Vaiyu bhoomi orchard. We also cleared up and watered and cut back the passion fruit trees. Using the recycled drippers we made some new drip lines which we installed on three beds in the Seed Garden. We weeded two beds in the Souryan garden.

Wednesday April 19th hot and humid

With 6 people: We picked brinjal, bassella spinach, a few beans, capsicum and lukki. We continued recycling the drippers – washing them outside first and then taking them apart to wash the filter inside. We started mulching the trees in the Vaiyu Bhoomi orchard. We washed the solar panels as this sort of weather they

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