Monthly Archives: February 2021

Friday February 19th cool and sunny

With 11 people: We picked radish, roccolla, lettuce, papaya, micro greens and sprouts. We finished tying up tomatoes in the Souryan garden. We weeded a bean bed in the Souryan garden We did the usual nursery work of replanting seedlings and filling trays with nursery mixture. We did some grass cutting.  

Thursday February 18th cool and sunny

With 9 people: We picked roccolla, lettuce, radish, micro greens and sprouts. We started tying up tomatoes on a bed in the Suryan garden. We mulched a lemon tree in the Pryog orchard. We cleared, composted and planted half a bed in the Pryog garden with lettuces. We planted chillies between tomatoes on a bed

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