Thursday February 16th sunny and warm

With 20 people

  1. We had the tree surgeon come in yesterday to trim our peepul tree that we have in the middle of Buddha Garden. This created a pile of wood which, because it tends to create rather a lot of smoke is not good for household use.  Its fine for bonfires though so we took it down to the bonfire area behind the stone circle.  At the same time we did a bit of clearing up there.
  2. We watered quite a lot of fruit trees in various places – Pryog orchard, New Horizon orchard and Vaiyu bhoomi orchard. We also watered the beds in New Horizon, probably for the last time as the water system is almost ready to go.
  3. We have had five loads of leaves delivered so we continued making compost and try and finish one compost heap tomorrow. It means we have plenty of leaves for mulching as well.
  4. We replanted lettuce seedlings in various beds where we have recently planted lettuce.
  5. We cut all the grass in the guava patch.