Thursday August 2nd sunny and warm with a breeze. Very pleasant.

With 11 people:

  1. We picked basil, bassella, micro greens and green papaya (see next item!)
  2. We cleared up a papaya tree that had fallen over yesterday afternoon. It was somewhat top heavy as it had a lot of papaya growing, but had been shored up with poles when it started to lean over.  We didn’t have any particularly strong wind yesterday but suddenly in the afternoon it just fell down.  Unfortunately most of the papaya on the tree won’t ripen and the amount of green papaya we can see is very limited.
  3. We sieved some soil for the nursery.
  4. We continued clearing up the trees in the New Horizon Tree Nursery and moved quite a lot of tree seedlings from the central nursery to the one in New Horizon. This is where people will come when they want to buy fruit tree seedlings.