Friday April 7th hot and humid

With 8 people: We picked maize, brinjal and papaya We planted maize in the Pryog garden. We cleared, composted and mulched a bed in the Pryog garden and the Souryan garden. We strung up beans in the seed garden. We watered fruit trees in New Horizon.  

Thursday April 6th hot and humid

With 10 people: We are trying to get all the seedlings planted before the really hot weather arrives. Today we planted maize in Le Jardin and basil in the Pryog garden. We wound up a lot of string so its ready when we need to tie up beans and other plants. We cleared up in

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Wednesday April 5th hot and humid

With 15 people We picked 10kg of maize. We cleared composted and mulched a bed in Le Jardin. We re-planted a basil bed in the Pryog garden. We planted two prepared beds in the Pryog garden, one with basil and the other with bassella spinach. We worked in the nursery sorting out the seedlings.