Friday October 20th sunny and warm

We had a group of 12 volunteers who came to Buddha Garden as part of a course plus 12 of our usual volunteers.

  1. We picked bassella and chicken spinach, snake gourd, the first harvest of roccolla and ladies finger.
  2. We cleared up an area by the guava patch which is where the new entrance is going to come in.
  3. We planted tapioca in the wild garden which is wild no more. I think we must re name this area the vaiyu boomi garden.
  4. We weeded a bed in Le Jardin
  5. The group did a magnificent tidying up job in the Pryog orchard. Grass was raked and used to mulch trees, glyricidea was cut down in one corner and the leaves used to mulch trees, two small gardens were weeded, the terrace area was cleaned of all the weeds that had grown over it.  It now looks much better although there is still a lot to do before it is finished.