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Has returned with a class in traditional Tamil cooking taking place every Thursday with Sivakala.  This starts at 10.30am and finishes at lunch time by eating the delicious food you have cooked.  If you would like to come please make sure to book by 6.00pm Wednesday through this website.  Then we can make sure there

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HELP! Our grass cutter which we have had for eight years has finally got to the point where it is not worth repairing.  So we urgently need a new one costing Rs30,000.  Anyone who would like to help us financially can do so by going to our donation page where you can donate in any

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Monday May 16th some rain!

Its election day so everything is closed down and there is no working in Buddha Garden.  We had our first rain last night. Just a short shower that was swallowed up by the very dry soil.  Plants will still need irrigating but a little less than usual.