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Friday December 23rd sunny and warm

Today we had over 50 volunteers working in the garden.  This was because we had a group of 23 coming from the American University of Paris who are doing various activities in Auroville.  Not surprisingly we got a huge amount of work done. We picked lettuce, roccolla, brinjal and ladies finger. We cleared composted and

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December 22nd Sunny and warm

With 21 people: We picked roccolla and pumpkins. In New Horizon we cleared two beds, composted and mulched and then replanted with cherry tomatoes. Because we have had so little monsoon rain the tomatoes we planted a month ago in this area are starting to bear fruit. We watered everything in New Horizon. As we

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Wednesday December 21st sunny and warm

With 22 people: We picked roccolla, brinjal and ladies finger. We planted lettuces in Le Jardin and the Pryog garden. We carried on digging around and mulching the trees in Le Jardin orchard. We planted out tomato seedlings in the nursery. We started clearing thorns near the pond, but in doing so someone got stung

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