Monthly Archives: August 2019

Tuesday August 20th weather was cloudy.

With 12 people 1) We harvested Basil,Bassella spinach,Long beans and Micro greens. 2) We weeded beds in the Pryog and Seed gardens. 3) We made bunds, weeded and composted around the Banana trees in Le Jardin garden. 4) We gave Liquid fertilizer for Banana in Pryog garden and Papaya trees in New Horizon garden.  

Monday August 19th weather was sunny.

With 13 people. 1) We harvested Basil,Bassella spinach,Pumpkin,Long beans,Lukki ,Micro greens and sprouts. 2) We weeded 4 vegetable beds in the Pryog garden. 3) We replanted Papaya in Le Jardin and New Horizon gardens. 4) We tied up the Long beans in the Souriyan  garden. 5) We composted one bed in the  Souriyan garden and

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