Monthly Archives: January 2019

Friday January 4th misty then sunny

With 16 people: We harvested ladies finger, brinjal, chicken spinach, roccolla, papaya, micro greens and a lot of different sorts of sprouts. We continued weeding beds in the Souryan garden. We watered the recently planted bananas and papayas in Le Jardin. We cut grass in the stone circle and now we can see the stones.

Wednesday January 2nd sunny and cool

With 16 people: We picked ladies finger, brinjal, chillies, roccolla, chicken spinach, pumpkin, sprouts and micro greens. We weeded several beds in the Souryan garden. We planted marigolds on the ends of all the beds in the Souryan garden. These plants are very good for dealing with soil pests like nematodes. We cut grass around

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