Monthly Archives: May 2017

Thursday May 18th very hot

With 5 people: We planted ladies fingers on a prepared bed in the Souryan garden. We weeded and mulched a bassella spinach bed in Le Jardin. We weeded and mulched three papaya trees in Le Jardin. We cleared out the small store room at the entrance ready for the new batteries that will be part

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Wednesday March 17th hot again

With 6 people: We picked large amounts of beans, snake gourd, ladies finger and bassella spinach. We watered fruit trees in New Horizon and the Pryog orchard. A lot of the trees in New Horizon are dead or dying – probably because they never got properly established after the monsoon failed. We started putting drippers

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Tuesday May 16th hot

With 11 people: We planted snake gourd in the bed in the Souryan garden that we prepared yesterday. We strung up beans on a bed in the Souryan garden. We started watering the fruit trees in the Pryog orchard but then had to stop when the water ran out. We untangled the last of the

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